Healthy Weight

Eat Good Food, Maintain Healthy Weight

Do you love to eat? Eating is a great thing. You may wonder if it’s possible to love food and maintain a healthy weight. I struggled with this for many years. Then I discovered healthy habits that changed my life. Do you want to eat good food and maintain a healthy weight? Right now you… Read more »

Weight Loss Retreat Testimonial

The Healthy Habits For Life Weight Loss Retreat gives you the tools to change your life.   The Healthy Habits of Life retreat at The Copeland Institute was an experience I’ll never forget. The Health Coaches were supportive and encouraging. They shared their experience with the Take Shape for Life program and helped me build… Read more »

Weight Loss Retreat Testimonial

The Healthy Habits For Life Weight Loss Retreat makes a difference The retreat gave me an opportunity to focus on all aspects of my health in a safe and peaceful environment without the distractions. The Institute’s location allows one to commune with nature while living in communion with fellow participants. It was one of the… Read more »

Weight Loss Case Study: Mike

Mike lost 135 pounds this past year, which radically transformed his health. He will be the focus of a future in-depth case study. Anna V. CopelandAuthor, Pastor, and Founder of The Copeland Institute, The Rev. Dr. Anna V. Copeland currently serves as Senior Minister of First Parish United Church of Christ in York, Maine. Collaborating… Read more »

Healthy Habits for Weight Loss Retreat

Transform your life through a Healthy Habits for Life Weight Loss Retreat at The Copeland Institute of Boulder County, Colorado. We support your goal to lose weight and develop healthy habits for life through a clinically supported program in a spa setting. Achieve healthy weight, movement, relationships and spirituality through one of our weeklong weight… Read more »