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Promoting emotional wellness in our schools


Promoting emotional wellness in our schools by Seth Solway
I have been thinking about technology’s impact children’s emotional development. By now, most of us have recognized that digital media like tablets, cellphones, and video games have become so easily accessible that you’re more likely to hear about the latest news from your 12-year-old’s Facebook feed



Stress is a physiological response of the body to a stressor (often an external event). According to Hans Selye (1978), an early pioneer of stress research, our bodies are affected by stress in ways that are often beyond our control. Selye notes three stages in the physical response: alarm, resistance and exhaustion. In the first

Positive Psychology


Positive Psychology
Healthy Habits for Life reflects the philosophy that a focus on healthy weight, healthy movement, positive relationships and spiritual practice will support your best self. Life transformation happens through commitment to creative change, setting life intention toward optimal health. We support your intention to develop a healthy life plan and create a supportive

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